Protective cream

  • Cosmetics
  • Coloring support
  • Protective cream for hair coloring

A protective cream especially for hair coloring that ensures that the hair is dyed while the scalp is not.

Product features

Internal capacity : 250g / 500g

New Sensor Emulsion is a protective cream for hair coloring that utilizes the differences in organizational structure between the scalp and hair so that, for example, the hair is properly dyed even if the cream gets on the hair, and absolutely no dye penetrates the scalp. In Japan, the implementation rate for this product is high, with around half of hair salons in Japan using New Sensor Emulsion, according to survey conducted by our company.
The product has the top market share in Japan.

Recommended for people / In such a scene

(For Salons)
・Salons that want to shorten the time required for hair coloring (applying the cream to protective places where it is easy for coloring agent to dye the skin, such as the forehead and around the ears, in advance enables the treatment to be carried out more quickly and with better quality results).
・Salons that want to dye hair thoroughly from the roots.
・Salons that want to also thoroughly protect areas where it is easy for coloring agent to dye the skin.

How to use

1. Apply the protective cream
Apply the cream slightly thickly, taking care to apply the product especially thoroughly on the temples/forehead and around the ears. The cream will not affect coloring even if it gets on the hair.
2. Apply the coloring agent thoroughly from the hair roots.
3. After coloring and emulsification, rinse the hair thoroughly.
To make it easier to rinse the hair, massage the cream and coloring agent together as you rinse. Since the product contains a high percentage of oil ingredients, used warm water between 38℃ and 40℃ to rinse.


Protective gel

  • Cosmetics
  • Coloring support
  • Gel protecting the entire scalp

A protective oil-based gel to protect the scalp from stinging and itchiness during coloring treatments

Product features

Internal capacity : 500mL

The gelatinous oil protects the entire scalp during hair coloring treatments.
The gel will not affect coloring even if it gets on hair.
This product is recommended for use in high-irritant treatments, such as highlights and high bleaching.

Please use the cream around the face line and the gelatinous oil over the entire scalp.
This product holds the top market share in Japan.

Recommended for people / In such a scene

(For salons)
・For salons that want to thoroughly dye hair from the roots.

(For consumers)
・Those who experience itchiness or other discomfort during bleaching or other high-tone hair coloring treatments.
・Those who also experience discomfort when apply their usual hair coloring product.
・Those with short or thin hair whose scalp gets dyed along with their hair during hair coloring treatments.

How to use

1. Run a comb through the hair to untangle it before the coloring treatment.
2. Run the nozzle of the product bottle over the scalp and spread the product evenly over all the hair. Run the gel into the hair as if massaging the scalp to eliminate unevenness.
3. Coloring/emulsification/rinsing: To make it easier to rinse the hair, emulsify the hair before rinsing.

[Note]: Be sure to apply the product adequately behind the ears and on the back of the head because these spots can be easy to miss. Apply the coloring agent after first checking that the product has been applied evenly.


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