Corporate history

1920 –

  • 1924

    In the period of confusion four months after the Great Kanto Earthquake, the company began operations at the request of customers in the founder’s home in Kanda-Sarugakucho.
    Company begins supplying beauty materials to barber shops and beauty salons.

    Company is named Kikuboshi Honpo Takegahana Shoten.

  • 1925

    Company develops and sells mainly scissors, barber’s clippers, razors, and other edged tools.
    With the expansion of the company’s business activities, the company office relocates to Kanda-Izumicho, Tokyo.

    Kikuboshi Solid Shampoo is launched.
    *Two types: Solid Mint/Solid Lemon Continuing to be sold today, this is Kikuboshi’s longest-selling cosmetics product Sale of original cosmetics products begins.

  • 1927

    With the expansion of business activities, the company acquires land in Asakusa-Kuramae, Tokyo, and builds a three-story company office building.

    In addition to edged tools for professional use, the company enhances its product line-up, beginning manufacture of combs, brushes, towel steamers, barber’s poles, and various other products. Company purchases a motorcycle (Harley Davidson), a rarity for those times, to advertise improved delivery speed.

  • 1931

    Kikuboshi Electric Barber’s Clippers (using motors made by Shibaura (present-day Toshiba)) are launched.

    Leading the times, the company includes a maintenance booklet with the product.
    Electric barber’s clippers improved product catalog
    In pursuit of product quality, products are upgraded and improved regularly.

  • 1933

    In product development, the company pursues originality and obtains numerous patents in order to differentiate ourselves from other companies.
    Product quality management is implemented across-the-board and the Kikuboshi becomes established.

  • 1934

    Company begins selling skincare, haircare, and other cosmetics products.
    Kikuboshi CRÈME refers to cream.
    At that time, cosmetics imported from Western countries were known in Japan as both creams (English) and crèmes (French).

  • 1935

    A new company office building is constructed in Asakusa-Kuramae, Tokyo.
    A modern showroom is constructed; first products of the new year.

    The Kikuboshi Dryer is launched.
    Product is promoted by Shochiku film star Sanae Takasugi.

    The Kikuboshi Tsushin newsletter is published for the first time.
    The publication conveys a broad range of useful information in addition to product information.

  • 1936

    The Orion Perming Machine for barber shops/beauty salons is launched.

    Men’s perming classes are conducted.
    Women’s perming classes are conducted.
    (Hairstylists are still all dressed in traditional Japanese-style clothing.)
    Not stopping at selling the products, efforts are made to spread perming techniques and education.

    Development and sale of beauty treatment equipment
    Gaining the concept from facial massage hand techniques.
    The Velvet Face facial care device is developed and patented.

  • 1937

    “Kikuboshi All-reflection Stand” Reflection rods were attached to barber’s poles and the design patented.
    The novel design became a huge hit.

    Double-jacketed water heater is developed and patented.
    This invention gave Kikuboshi a high share of the steamer market until the late 1980s/early 1990s.

    The fundamental rule for product development is to develop items that are so original they can be patented.

1940 –

  • 1941

    Joint-stock company Takegahana Shoten is established.

    The company begins taking on the challenge of opening up overseas markets in the late 1920s/early 1930s.
    Trading begins in earnest.

  • 1942

    Kikuboshi Stick Pomade (hair styling product) is launched.
    This product has the ability to eliminate all unsatisfactory aspects of stick pomades of those times.

  • 1944

    Company office building burns down in wartime bombing.
    Business operations are temporarily suspended.

  • 1946

    Company loses almost all assets due to property tax (under the War Indemnity Special Measures Law), but reopens for business in barracks located at 1-3 Kuramae in Taito-ku.

    Barber’s chairs ready for shipment.

1960 –

  • 1962

    The Kikuboshi Soap Mixer is launched.

    Kikuboshi Real Estate Co., Ltd. is established.

  • 1963

    The company’s name is changed to Kikuboshi Co., Ltd. on September 1.

  • 1964

    Kikuboshi Set Spray “Star Lady” is launched.
    Three types: Violet, White, and Red.

  • 1965

    Kikuboshi Cold Liquid

    Kikuboshi Cold Liquid is launched.

  • 1969

    FRANCAISE beauty treatment facial care device is launched.

  • 1970

    The Kikuboshi Beauty Wagon is launched.
    All equipment necessary for facial care treatments is included.
    Infra-red lights, skin meters, ozone layer, vibrators, ultraviolet disinfectors, dressing tables, caddies for small items.

  • 1971

    Company becomes an agent for Sunstar and begins handling VO5.

  • 1972

    Company becomes the exclusive beauty products agency for Lion.
    Corporation and begins handling men’s brands Vitalis and Canadian Morning.

    The Custom front-washing sink set is launched.
    The company is quick to incorporate new material FRP and develops front-washing sinks.
    The Equipment Department is established and later spun-off into an independent company.

  • 1974

    Company becomes a commercial agency for Shiseido Co., Ltd., and begins handling the Camellia haircare brand.

    The Auto Shampoo SAS1200 is launched.
    The entire Kabukiza Theater is booked for the new product’s launch.

  • 1975

    Company handles products manufactured by major cosmetics companies while actively developing our own products.
    Company moves towards a business model of manufacturer/beauty product trading company.

    Representative products handled:
    Vitalis (Lion Corporation)
    Canadian Morning (Lion Corporation)
    Camellia (Shiseido Co., Ltd.)
    XOUR (France)
    Kaminomoto (Kaminomoto Honpo)

  • 1977

    Sales of Haar Wasserstein begin.
    This product subsequently becomes a long-seller that has continued for more than 40 years.

    Kikuboshi Sho-on Dryer 700W “Silencer” is launched.

  • 1978

    Company expands sales as the exclusive importer of Brylcreem from the UK.

  • 1979

    Dolphin Shampoo is launched.
    A tonic shampoo for professional use.
    A dolphin-shaped container is developed for promotional purposes.

    Emeron Fleurir Shampoo is launched.

    A double container is developed.

    The High-speed Steamer E-2 is launched, overturning conventional beauty industry wisdom.
    A fast-warming model that enables usage of towels steamed in three minutes, the product becomes a huge hit.

    Kikuboshi PRE SHAVE EAU DE SERAN is launched.
    This product is the forerunner of PRE SHAVE.

1980 –

  • 1980

    KAOSHIN foam perming solution is launched.

    New Green Punch Perm solution is launched.

    KAMIKIRIMUSHI-scissors that reduce wear and maintain sharpness through a difference in hardness between the still blade and moving blade.

    Lion men’s cosmetics brand OLTAS is launched.

  • 1982

    Reel In Hair Iron is launched.
    The rod rotates, vastly improving treatment effects.

    REVLON Flex
    A hair iron treatment developed jointly by Kikuboshi and REVLON

    AMEMBO PRESS begins publication.

  • 1983

    Motozaki Iron

    Anski Cold Solution N Normal

    Anski Cold Solution H Hard

    Anski Puncher

  • 1990

    Milk Pack System Men’s skincare is launched.

  • 1992

    30CC is launched.
    Steamer lime scale remover.
    Formulated with only cosmetics ingredients so as to avoid damaging the steamer heater.
    Safe formula that can also be used as warm water for shaving.

  • 1993

    Men’s medicinal BB cream is launched.

  • 1995

    Shave-AID PRE SHAVE is launched.
    PRE SHAVE overturns the conventional wisdom of professional shaving.
    Following the launch of this product, over 50% of barber shops come to use pre-shave. (In-house survey; N=300)

  • 1997

    COCO NATURA Body Cleansing Soap is launched.
    Product is awarded a G-Mark (symbol of a Good Design Award winner) by the Ministry of International Trade and Industry.

2000 –

  • 2000

    10% Cut Rate Thinning Scissors Sophie is launched.
    Pocket Monsters licensed cloth for children is launched.

  • 2001年

    HAIR MED series debuts. CHITOMARU
    Quasi-drug. Treatment for bleeding during shaving

    COOL BLEND is launched.

    HAIR & BLOW is launched.

  • 2002

    SAVONYS SUPER REMOVER is launched.

    A low-irritant formula is developed for removing hair color thoroughly.

  • 2003

    Natural Wax Facial Clear Gel
    Low-irritant gel for peeling off keratin.
    Product is a huge hit, with the series shipping a cumulative total of 10 million bottles.
    (Cumulative total number of products shipped up to and including 2018.)

    Savonys Protect Cream is launched.
    A formula for dyeing the hair without dyeing the scalp is developed.
    This product maintains a more-than-50% hair salon market share in Japan.

  • 2004年

    Baby Balance medicated skincare cream

  • 2005年

    Metasecosmerry Co., Ltd., is established.
    Company obtains a license for manufacturing and selling cosmetics products in accordance with the Revised Pharmaceutical Affairs Act.

    Company obtain a license of Doraemon goods and launches cloth for children.

  • 2006

    Savonys Manicure Remover
    A remover especially for nail polish.

  • 2007

    Brown Coat diamine-free cream for coloring grey hair using sunlight is developed.

    Moissage brand is launched.
    Whitening hand and body treatment.

    Kikuri Series Tabekonbu Tea (Salt/Plum)

    Savonys Scalp Guard

  • 2008

    Company wins the Inamori Entrepreneur Award.

  • 2009

    Shave-AID Shaving Soap is launched.

  • 2010

    Vibration Hair Iron, a hair iron that significantly increases perming solution penetration rates through use of vibrations, is developed.
    Product is licensed.
    Product is patented in Japan and North America.

    Kikuri Tabegobocha (burdock root tea)

    MOISSAGE Essence In Cream

  • 2011

    Design Factory Powder Lock is launched.
    Comprising powder containing nano-silica, this product facilitates styling. Patented.

  • 2012

    COCO NATURA Shampoo and Treatment is launched.

    A shampoo soap focusing on the scalp is launched.

  • 2015

    YOROSHI COSMETICS is established.
    A Japanese cosmetics brand emphasizing Japanese ingredients with a company-operated store in Asakusa, Tokyo.

    MOISIST LOTION is launched.

  • 2016

    Company received the Award for Outstanding Compliance in Reporting Corporate Tax, Taito-ku.
    Medicinal hair tonic focused in the scalp

  • 2017

    deodorizing liquid detergent for professional use.


    Cranberry Tea

    MOISIST Whitening Lotion


  • 2018

    The YOROSHI COSMETICS Asakusa store relocates.

    Natural History

    Moon Lash
    Exclusive Eyelash Art Brand is launched.

    Savonys Wrap-Barbapapa collaborative design is launched.

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