Kikuboshi’s History

Nearly 100 years of responding to the voices of our customers

Kikuboshi was founded in 1924. Since then, we have developed numerous products for use by professionals at Japanese barber shops and beauty salons. Japanese consumers are known for being extremely particular about product quality, but in fact beauty professionals are even more particular about product quality, and these are the people to whom our products are supplied. Numerous Kikuboshi products have held the top share in products for professional use in barber shop and beauty salon routes. Our thinking is unique: if a product does not already exist but it is something that customers want, make it—regardless of the scale of the market. However, the genres in which we can carry out product development are strictly constrained by our corporate philosophy.

Management giving top priority to our corporate philosophy

Our corporate philosophy is “Helping people to live beautifully,” and so if a product serves this purpose, we will enthusiastically take on the challenge of developing it; however, even if it is predicted that a product would generate large profits, we will not undertake any R&D if the product is unrelated to our corporate philosophy. Kikuboshi is a company that believes that it is more important to fulfil our corporate mission than to maximize profits. Furthermore, our basic management policy is “Promote management that emphasizes qualit”. If we had not placed the greatest focus on product quality in our path”Z thus far, not only would we have lost the support of beauty professionals for our products, but we would also not have been allowed to continue to exist for close on 100 years.

A stable management base leads to new challenges

It is precisely our pursuit of product quality that is Kikuboshi’s starting point as well as our lifeline. In order to pursue product quality, corporate management itself must be very high quality. Kikuboshi has in fact received management awards as the result of our efforts to improve management quality: the Inamori Entrepreneur Award, established by one of Japan’s representative business operators, and the Award for Outstanding Compliance in Reporting Corporate Tax, Taito-ku. Kikuboshi is a company that continues to take on many challenges based on our stable management foundation. Moreover, at the same time as well have been emphasizing the pursuit of product quality, we have also been placing high importance on a law-abiding spirit as well as safety and reliability.

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