At Kikuboshi, we place great value on taking on challenges.

The reason our company has been allowed to continue from our establishment in 1924 through to the present day is that we have continuously taken on challenges. Everything changes continually. The only way for our company to continue to exist is for use to continue to take on challenges and evolve based on the core of our corporate philosophy, without fear of change. We are also recruiting business partners in other countries to enable us to deliver to the world our product quality that has been nurtured in Japanese markets for 100 years.

Overseas partners we are seeking

We aim to carefully create high-quality products, nurturing them thoroughly in markets and continuing to sell them long-term. The overseas partners we are seeking are companies that believe in nurturing products and thoroughly conveying their value to consumers rather than focusing on price appeal. We hope to establish long-term business partnerships with companies that share our values.

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