Scalp centralism

Shampoo soap

  • Cosmetics
  • Scalp care
  • Shampoo

Immediate sensation:
bounce and body for men’s hair

Product features

Internal capacity : 30g

A solid-type scalp shampoo for men, this product uses the actions of two naturally occurring absorption ingredients, paulownia charcoal from Aizu and ocean mud from Okinawa, to treat the stubborn sebum buildup characteristic of men, which gives the scalp a clean, refreshing feel. In line with the thinking that shampoo should focus on cleansing, and no unnecessary ingredients have been included.

In South Korea, the product is enjoying great popularity with men through mainly Internet sales, with approx. 600,000 bottles shipped in two years of trading. A rapidly increasing number of men are becoming addicted to this solid shampoo focusing on Japanese ingredients.

Winner of the 2013 Monde Selection Bronze Quality Award.

Recommended for people / In such a scene

・”Oily” men with stubborn sebum build-up
・Those who desire a feeling of freshness and cleanliness rather than moisture
・Men with short hair who do not normally even use hair conditioner
・Those who are concerned about hair volume
・Those who ordinarily use hairdressing products, such as wax, that are difficult to remove

How to use

Correct way to wash the scalp
1. As far as possible, wash away grime and excess sebum from the scalp with warm water.
2. Rub TOHICHUSHNSHUGI directly into the damp hair and lather.
3.Using the pads of your fingers, massage the scalp up and down from the nape of the neck to around the ears and forehead to thoroughly cleanse the scalp.
4. Rinse the hair thoroughly under the shower so that no shampoo remains.


Special Site

Scalp centralism

Medicinal hair tonic

  • Quasi-drug
  • Scalp care
  • Hair tonic

Apply twice a day, in the morning and evening, to prevent hair loss and promote hair growth.

Product features

Internal capacity : 100mL

Improves blood circulation in the scalp and promotes hair growth.
Acts directly on hair roots, nurturing long, strong hairs from the root.
Active ingredients act directly on the hair roots, improving the hair’s growth cycle and nurturing long, thick hair growth from the roots to produce hair with body that does not fall out easily.
Contains nano-sized mineral powder that gives you an immediate sense of hair volume.
[Formula has been patented in Japan.]

Recommended for people / In such a scene

・Those who are concerned about the area at the top of their head and their hair part
・Those whose hair has lost its sense of volume.
・Those who are finding it increasingly difficult to style their hair satisfactorily in the morning.

How to use

Please shake the bottle well before use.
The product is applied directly to the scalp as you part your hair. After application, please massage the scalp to enable the product to fully penetrate the skin.
It is recommended that the product be used about twice a day, such as after bathing or before styling your hair.
It is recommended that the product be used daily.
Be sure to close the cap tightly after use.

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