Facial Clear Gel

  • Cosmetics
  • Skincare
  • Keratin care

Removes old keratin to create translucent skin without dullness

Product features

Internal capacity : 200mL

This peeling gel removes old keratin and excess sebum, producing smooth, translucent skin. Moisturizing ingredients give the skin a silky-smooth finish.
This peeling gel provides keratin care while protecting the moisture that is essential for the skin.
Gentle enough to use on sensitive skin, the product can be used every day.
The product can also be used with wet hands.
Fragrance-free, coloring-free, preservative-free

Recommended for people / In such a scene

・Those whose skin is rough and those who are troubled about being unable to apply makeup smoothly.
・Those who feel that skin lotion does not penetrate their skin effectively.
・Those who are troubled about blackheads deep within their skin pores.
・Those whose skin is dull and gives a dark impression.

How to use

1. Pump the product once onto the palm of each hand and then gently massage the product into the skin in areas of concern. (Those with dry skin will have a greater sense of the products effects.)
2. The gel envelops old keratin and excess sebum on the skin, changing them into solid crumbs.
3. When the crumbs have appeared, rinse the product off the skin thoroughly, being sure not to leave any residue.
4. Next, please begin your skin care routine of applying skin lotion or beauty serum.
・In addition to the face, the product can be used on the neck, hands, feet, and any other places on the body where roughness is a concern.
・When there is little grime on the skin, the amount of crumbs that appear will also be small. Please do not massage the skin strongly even if only a small amount of crumbs appears.

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