Kobucha tea for eating after drinking

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Carefully selected ingredients; contains only ingredients produced in Japan

Product features

This kobucha tea can be eaten after it has been drunk. Kombu (kelp) is an essential soup stock flavor ingredient in Japanese cuisine. This tea contains Hidaka kelp, which is renowned for being the highest quality kombu in Japan, and the kombu can be eaten as-is after you have drunk the tea. The tea contains thick, chewy kelp harvested in Hokkaido in summer and autumn. Selected for the purpose of luxuriously drawing out the sublime deliciousness of this kombu even further is the soy sauce produced on Shodojima—an island boasting an approx. 400-year history of soy sauce production. Using especially high quality ingredients of island salt, soybeans, and wheat, this soy sauce is matured for a long period and makes the delicious taste of the high-quality Hokkaido kombu even more delicious!

Awarded Three Stars for the 2011 iTQi Awards.
Winner of the 2013 Monde Selection Gold Quality Award.

In Japan, hair salons are regarded as special spaces, and so drinks served in such environments also need to be special. Kikuboshi is also developing unique products for inclusion in the drink services provided by hair salons.

Recommended for people / In such a scene

・Those who wish to consume Japan-produced raw ingredients just as they are.
・Those who are searching for food products whose main ingredients are exclusively Japan-produced.
・Those who are searching for unique food products that cannot be sighted in general stores.

How to use

Place three bags of kobucha into a cup and add boiling water to make delicious kobucha tea. The softened kombu kelp can also be eaten after you have drunk the tea.

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