Happy Style

Milk Moisture

  • Cosmetics
  • Haircare
  • Leave-in hair treatment

Applies a rich milk to damaged hair ends.

Product features

Internal capacity : 40g

Hair stays in place, enabling you to style your hair however you please.
Hair develops a shiny, silky smooth condition.

Hair salons in Japan hold events celebrating the anniversary of the salon’s opening or anniversaries of XX number of years of operation, as well as other events, such as the end-of-year New-Year celebrations, and gifts are distributed at these events. This popular brand sells more than 500,000 products for the series overall around the time of such events.

These authentic products are reasonably priced, yet of salon quality. This is a brand that has been recognized by Japanese hair salons, which are very particular about quality.

Recommended for people / In such a scene

・Those who are dissatisfied with their current hair care, such as using shampoo and hair treatments in the bath.
・Those who want to style their hair firmly.
・Those who want to be able to run their fingers through hair that feels silky smooth and not sticky.

How to use

●After drying your hair with a towel, place an appropriate amount of the product and spread well on the palm of your hand, rub the product into your hair, and then dry your hair thoroughly with a hairdryer.
●Product can also be used on dry hair.
●Please use the product from the middle to the tips of the hairs, which is the area where hair damage is a concern.
●If after your hair is dried you are concerned about dryness or brittleness, add more product gradually.
●Be sure to replace the cap after use.

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